Ash Cox -

I specialise in optimising human performance through evidence informed interventions in programme design and performance nutrition. A science based approach using the latest technology and application allows me to make informed decisions on your training needs and requirements. My academic foundations include undergraduate degrees in strength and conditioning, sports and exercise science and, exercise rehabilitation. Additionally I have post graduate qualifications in sports and exercise medicine and nutrition, whilst working towards a PhD in sports and exercise science.

Throughout my career I have been invited to lecture and work at various academic institutions and present at some of the leading educational resources including Chester University and TRA Performance. I have worked with a broad range of sports men and women at elite and amateur level. Sports worked within to date include Tennis, MMA, Rugby, Olympic winter sports, Boxing and Horse racing. I have also presented to premiership football academies on athlete optimisation, specifically strength development to optimise performance and minimize injury. I also have a keen interest in supporting the general population and sit as a member of the Faculty of Public Health.

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Liam Ennis -

I'm a first-class graduate from the University of Birmingham, whereby I spent my undergrad studying Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences. Towards my final year, I began to specialise in manipulating resistance training variables to maximize adaptation and following on from my dissertation I've continued to explore this research area. I have now began to focus my research interest more towards public health promotion particularly regarding mental health and how we can use exercise as medicine for a whole host of different health issues.

In addition to this, alongside Ash I’ve worked with a number of high-level athletes; helping to conduct athlete screening and assessments to inform our programming. I also play a key role in the management and development of our Level 4 Advanced Coaching & Public Health CPD Course. My key areas of interest and expertise are how various different exercise modes impact geriatric health & quality of life, in addition to the complex, yet fascinating mechanisms that underpin the use of exercise as therapeutic medicine for anxiety and depression.

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Andy Nolan -

I’m a PhD candidate in Cellular and Molecular Exercise Physiology at Liverpool John Moores University. My area of interest is the mechanisms by which vitamin D augment mitochondrial capacity and health. My academic background consists of an undergraduate degree in Sport and Exercise Science and a masters degree in Nutrition. Additionally, I have postgraduate qualifications in teaching at higher education institutions. I currently hold a position as a teaching support officer at LJMU where I assist with a wide range of modules including research skills, environmental physiology and skeletal muscle metabolism.

Outside of academia I have worked alongside combat athletes providing nutritional guidance to Brazilian jujitsu and mixed martial art fighters, assisting in safe and effective weight management interventions alongside fuelling strategies for performance. I have also worked extensively within the general population in the application of long-term dietary strategies for effective weight management.

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