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In Demand!

The objective of this qualification is to provide learners with the knowledge, confidence and skills to support individuals who are thinking of making a health behaviour change. It will enable learners to understand the importance of effective communication in building rapport with individuals. It will also help learners to understand how to work with individuals to increase their motivation to make a behaviour change and explore the factors that hinder and facilitate that change. Students will be provided with scientifically validated tools to put into practice straight away!!

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This course Level 2 RSPH Understanding Behavioural Change provides you with skills and confidence to support others improve their health and wellbeing. It complements Redwood Performance qualifications where participants might require advice and support. You will learn about the factors that might influence lifestyle or health behavioural changes. You will learn more about the communication process and the importance of active listening. You will be taught how to effectively use an individual’s motivation and feelings to create a personalised action plan for adopting positive behaviour.

Course Units

  1. Understand how to ensure communication with individuals is effective
  2. Know how to support individuals to adopt positive health behaviour
  3. Understand how an individual can be supported in developing strategies enabling them to make lifestyle or health behaviour changes
  4. Understand how to support an individual with a lifestyle or behaviour change implementation plan

Our course will be held remotely through zoom. Once the course is finished, students will be provided with reading material to prepare for a short exam to confirm learning within 8 weeks of the course delivery.