The aim of this qualification is to provide candidates with a knowledge and understanding of the principles of mental wellbeing, the effect of mental wellbeing on the individual and community, and how mental wellbeing can be maintained or improved. Our revised mental health and wellbeing qualification offers an understanding of attitudes and beliefs about mental health and wellbeing. It will enable learners will explore theoretical models used to describe mental health and wellbeing and the strategies that may be used to promote wellbeing of the people in their community. Learners will also develop their understanding on what modes of exercise and physical activity may support mental health. Moreover, our team of researchers and exercise scientists will provide an open forum to ask questions throughout the day. At the end of the delivery day, students will be sent away to read further around the subject area under the guidance of a dedicated researcher. An agreed date will then be established to sit the final exam.

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This course will increase your awareness of mental health conditions enabling you to signpost issues to a more qualified health care professional for assistance, especially if this is someone you have met in the community that doesn’t frequent GPs or NHS services.

Increase your awareness of mental wellbeing for both individuals and the community.

You will be able to signpost the general public to relevant information through suitable levels of interaction and engagement with the use of appropriate language and an understanding of some of the condition traits such as low motivation levels.

You could act as a point of reference within the workplace.

This could also expand into the community for family and friends or even service users due to your knowledge of individual needs.

There is scope to become more relatable in the community by promoting mental wellbeing and raising awareness of mental health stigmatisation. This could potentially increase your contact with local health care professionals and allow the development of opportunities for pathway creation and support mechanisms due to recognition of your enhanced skillset.

Additionally, you will increase your knowledge levels of health care services and mental health options for both individuals and community interventions. You will be able to identify key health and wellbeing promotion strategies and learn how you could replicate these for implementation within your chosen workplace.

Career Opportunities

✓ Expand your role by becoming a Mental Wellbeing Champion within the workplace, or advocate mental wellbeing within your business

✓ Create affiliations with local authority services or community workers (such as health trainers)

✓ Refer perspective clients into their local services which can assist if mental wellbeing became an area of need

Our course will be held remotely though zoom.