Ash Cox
CEO & Scientific Lead @ Redwood Performance Institute

I specialise in optimising human performance through evidence informed interventions in programme design and performance nutrition. A science based approach using the latest technology and application allows me to make informed decisions on your training needs and requirements. My academic foundations include undergraduate degrees in strength and conditioning, sports and exercise science and, exercise rehabilitation. Additionally I am working towards a PhD with a focus on adolescent muscular fitness.

Throughout my career I have been invited to lecture and work at various academic institutions and present at some of the leading educational resources including Chester University and TRA Performance. I have worked with a broad range of sports men and women at elite and amateur level. Sports worked within to date include Tennis, MMA, Rugby, Olympic winter sports, Boxing and Horse racing. I have also presented to premiership football academies on athlete optimisation, specifically strength development to optimise performance and minimize injury. I also have a keen interest in supporting the general population and sit as a member of the Faculty of Public Health.

Positions Held:

Current Research Projects