Liam Ennis
Head of Education @ Redwood Performance Institute

I'm a first-class graduate from the University of Birmingham, whereby I spent my undergrad studying Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences. Towards my final year, I began to specialise in manipulating resistance training variables to maximize adaptation and following on from my dissertation I've continued to explore this research area. I have now began to focus my research interest more towards public health promotion particularly regarding mental health and how we can use exercise as medicine for a whole host of different health issues.

In addition to this, alongside Ash I’ve worked with a number of high-level athletes; helping to conduct athlete screening and assessments to inform our programming. I also play a key role in the management and development of our Level 4 Advanced Coaching & Public Health CPD Course. My key areas of interest and expertise are how various different exercise modes impact geriatric health & quality of life, in addition to the complex, yet fascinating mechanisms that underpin the use of exercise as therapeutic medicine for anxiety and depression.

Positions Held: